Mobility Scooters

Mills Mobility have a wide range of new and prewoned scooters for sale. We are stockists for TGA, Drive Medical and Sunrise Medical, but also have access to huge volumes of preowned scooters that update daily.

What mobility scooter do I need?

Boot scooters
A boot scooter can be taken apart into several pieces or folded, meaning it can be transported easily.
Great for
-day trips and holidays
-taking in a car boot and using where and when you please
-where storage space is limited

Pavement Scooters
A standard pavement scooter will offer comfort and durability, allowing a typical range of 8-10 miles. Most pavement scooters have a speed of up to 4 mph, with some having the option of 6mph
Great for
-a more comfortable and durable ride
-trips into town

[Image result for multiflex care chair]

Road Scooter
Road legal scooters have a top speed of 8mph. This can be adjusted to a lower speed, for use on pavements also. The 8mph scooters are usually larger in design, and are more able to cope with the inclines and change in camber.
Great for
-longer distances
-Comfortable ride on less even surfaces
-More power when climbing hills
-Use on roads when required

If you would like to discuss any of the scooters on this page, or would like to see the full range of scooters and preowned scooters we can office, our showroom is open 9-2pm Monday to Friday, or call 01432 277000 for further information.